Interesting work with amazing clients

Here are some of the initiatives Headbench has enjoyed working on

Fit to fight

Maurice Blackburn has been fighting for its clients for 100 years. We have been helping to design and implement changes to processes and systems as they prepare for the next 100.

Protecting the public

AHPRA regulates 650,000 health professionals across Australia, with public safety as a key strategic outcome. We helped to design and deliver a four year transformation program following the inception of this key national agency.

Where to next?

Sensis is a leading provider of geospatial data and location services to Australia. We facilitated the development of a market strategy that leveraged existing capabilities into new market opportunities.

Prepare for takeoff

Melbourne Airport supports over 30 million passengers per year to reach their destination. Alongside a significant building program, the airport is a technology innovator. We have helped scope and business case some of these exciting initiatives.

Powering the program

UE distributes electricity to more than 660,000 customers, managing a network of 209,000 poles and over 13,000 kilometres of wires. We provided some external review and advice around their program planning and governance.

Let’s keep moving

PTV is a German geospatial software company, providing innovative transport and mobility solutions. We helped establish an Asia-Pacific footprint, including market entry strategies for their transport modelling, telematics and logistics products.